Reflection Of A Case Manager In The Emergency Room

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February 19th, 2016 my day was very busy. After I got back from lunch I read up on previous patients that I have seen to follow up and see how they were doing. My supervisor was checking her emails and listening to her voicemail. One of the case managers in the emergency room informed my supervisor that there was a patient that needed to be seen by a social worker. However; my supervisor was very busy so I went with the case manager to the ER. This gave me an opportunity to experience the emergency room. I shadowed the case manager. In this situation the case manager had to inform the patient that she had to return to her nursing home and could no longer remain in the hospital. The patient was medically ready to be discharged. The patient kept …show more content…
She was from Essex County. Her first child was placed in foster care. The mother had supervised visits with her first child. Kim and I went into the patient’s room and Kim informed her that a CPS referral had to be made due to her having supervised visits. After leaving the patients room, we found out that a CPS referral was already made from the county. A case worker from Clinton County showed up to meet with the patient to report the information back to Essex County. Kim, I and the case worker went into the patient’s room. Unfortunately, I watched the case worker inform the mother that her second child would be taken away from her to. I was able to fill out a consult sheet to practice while Kim was filling out one as well. After completing these two consults, Kim and I reported back to the office. Kim made a CPS report for the 15 year old girl. However; the report was not accepted. I was able to listen to the referral because Kim put the phone on speaker. This was not the first time I had heard a CPS report. Next time I feel that I could make the CPS report. Both cases had to be documented. I documented the 19 year old case in an email and sent it over to my supervisor to correct.
I find that on a day to day basis I am learning new things. I hope to eventually be able to make a CPS referral and to ask questions in an OB consult. I find that the more practice and observing I do, the more experience I will gain. I feel that I have been working to my fullest potential but I do feel that I could improve by allowing myself to take initiative and by doing

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