Microbiology Lab Report Essay

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1n this report there is information about the safety rules which we have to follow in microbiology lab during experiments and various safety precautions we take in labs. A microbiology lab requires a unique environment & special practice.
Then this report contains information about various kind culture media and there preparation which is essential for the culture plating detection of various microorganisms and bacteria
There is information about various kinds culture plating techniques like streak plate method and pour plate method and discuss Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common bacterial infections and account for a significant part of the workload in clinical microbiology laboratories. E coli remains the most frequent cause of UTIs, although the distribution of pathogens that cause UTIs is
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Do not eat or drink in the lab, nor store food in areas where microorganisms are stored. Never eat or drink in the laboratory while working with microorganisms. Keep your fingers out of your mouth, and wash your hands before and after the laboratory activity. Cover any cuts on your hands with a bandage. Gloves may be worn as extra protection.
Label everything clearly All cultures, chemicals, disinfectant, and media should be clearly and securely labeled with their names and dates. If they are hazardous, label them with proper warning and hazardous information.
Autoclave or disinfect all waste material. All items to be discarded after a class, such as culture tubes, culture plates, swabs, toothpicks, wipes, disposable transfer needles, and gloves, should be placed in a biohazard autoclave bag and autoclaved 30 to 40 minutes at 121° C at 20 pounds of pressure. If no autoclave is available and you are not working with pathogens, the materials can be covered with a 10% bleach solution and allowed to soak for at least 1 to 2

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