Promote Resilience In Children

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The process, capacity, or outcome of successful adaptation despite challenging or threatening circumstances.

2. True or false:
Current research supports that a child’s personality/temperament plays the most critical role in promoting resilience. True False

Explain your choice: Because children have a better chance to develop their potential and achieve a resilient outcome in a supportive environment. The first priority as teachers is to develop a responsive relationship with each child and make the classroom a safe and predictable place. With this foundation, you can scaffold children learning and practice of the executive function skills especially emotional regulation or self-control that are such important keys to resilience.

Simply the fact that a child has
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List 6 ways a teacher can build resilience in children:

Setting high expectations for behavior and achievement.
Reinforcing positive social behavior.
Proactively teaching routines and procedures.
Teaching social and emotional skills, including problem solving.
Giving children responsibility and chances to make choices.
Providing opportunities to help, collaborate with other, and participate in meaningful ways.

7. What is a “dandelion” child? Preserver through small and large challenges, including poverty, neglect, and abuse. These children bounce back, keep growing, and are not thrown off course by the majority of situations.

What is an “orchid” child? Orchid child tend to be introverts. They thrive on routine and are very sensitive to the environment. For instance, picky eating and noise sensitivity is a sign of an orchid.
Which one did you tend to be as a child? Dandelion

Is there a gene that scientists believe is common to these two categories? Yes No
If yes, what is it called? DRD4 which is a dopamine receptor gene

8. Experts have identified 2 additional skills that boost resilience. Identify and briefly describe:
Skill: Perseverance; or

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