Importance Of Recycling Essay

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Nowadays, how many people do you think they dispose trash properly? The answer is not many. In their mind, they never think recycling is important. The world will not be any different if they throw a piece of paper in a recycle basket. Recycling is not only an issue in the United States, but it also happens around the world. If people do not start to recycling, it will affect the environment immediately which can lead them to different diseases. There are many reasons for people to start recycling including economics, health, and other materials people need in every day basis or life. Reuse can help people’s lives become more easygoing and healthier. By recycling properly, people can save a lot money and energy. There is no need to waste on new materials. So not only help consumers to save their budget, but recycle also saves the environment. By disposing trash properly, the greenhouse gas emission and landfilling able to get lower, which makes the environment a lot fresher. Besides that, it takes more energy/works to produce new products from scratch than use materials. Here are a few products that can be used for different purposes: paper, glass bottles, cans, plastic, etc. The most important reason of recycling is to provide everyone a healthy lifestyle. To stay away from illness and diseases, everyone should …show more content…
Everyone should learn and better understand the beneficial of recycle. It’s not harmful, it creates a lot of opportunities and jobs for the society. If people keep continuing to ignore recycle, then the landfill will narrow down, economic decrease, plus the environment couldn’t stop being polluted which will make people susceptible to the disease. Recycling is not a waste of time or effort; just a few seconds or 2-3 minutes can make the environment look clean and beautiful. In fact, it might be a good idea if the government make recycle mandatory into a new law. So, everyone can join hands to build a better

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