Importance Of Realistic Goals

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Goals are set so you can achieve them. But if you don’t set them what’s the point of life? If you set them too high you will never achieve them. So you have to be realistic. Realistic goals give you a meaning in what you are doing. After that goal is set, you work your butt off to achieve that goal, and that 's exactly what we did.
It was March 1, 2012. We had just finished walking around the rink to get a sense of where everything was but most importantly where the judges were and what we needed to do to win them over. It was our first nationals as a team, but for our coaches it was just another one. They had the experience and the knowledge of a professional ice skater and what we needed to do to try to beat the other veteran competitors.
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Then we stood in a circle after we were done doing our locker room routine, and as our tradition we fell onto the floor. Making it good luck so we would not fall on ice. We stood up and took our mike-n-ike and said our reminder- such as smiling, having attitude, you know the little things. Then our hands in a diamond on our lower back, we walk out turn around and do not watch the performers on the ice. Our coaches said it just makes you more nervous so you never watch. We remove our hard guards and wait, the hardest part ever is waiting next to the ice and having the nerves build up. The music ends and all we do is look around at our teammates, our second family- we have been through everything together, and we step onto the ice, our coaches smacking our butts as we get on and form the line.
The number one rule in ice skating is to express yourself and smile where your cheeks hurt. It does not matter if you are not having fun you always smile. The announcer calls your team 's name, ours was The Fond Du Lac Blades, and it begins- the smiling. You skate onto the ice and do your special “walk on” just to get to your starting spot. Then we dropped our arms, one person signals the music on, and there is no going back
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After our last movements on the ice- the music stops in synch with us throwing our arms in the air. The clapping starts and that is our signal to do our special “walk off”.
We get off the ice, put our hard guards, put our hands in a diamond and walk back to the locker room. The last person walks into the locker room and we all scream- including our coaches. That was BY FAR the best performance we have ever skated. We settle down and change into yoga pants, a cami, and our Fond Du Lac Blades blue coat. We dry off our ice skates put them in our bag and walk out in complete and utter uniform- we had matching bags and everything you could think of. We set our bags in the reserved spot for us and head to find our parents.
After watching the intermediate team, the team just one step above our level in ice skating, our coaches join us and tell us that the scores are going to be said in five minutes. That was the longest five minutes of our lives. The announcer comes on saying everybody from 13 place up to first.
“And in 6th place is the Fond Du Lac

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