Importance Of Qualitative Research

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Competency L
“ demonstrate understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods and of the evaluation and synthesis of research literature”
Information professional continuously improve their skills and knowledge within their profession. One way in which we as professional can do this is by conducting research to create new concepts and develop new programs and services. Information professionals can do this by participating in primary and secondary research.
Primary research is research collected by the researchers. Surveys, interviews, ethnographic research, and observations are all types of primary research. Conducting primary research is a skill that benefits all research regardless of the subject or the setting
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Quantitative research implies the use of any data which is measurable. For research purposes this can mean any set of data such as surveys, tests, statistics, census data, etc. which contains quantifiable material. Qualitative research is research that cannot be transferred into a number. It is research which is observed and questioned and from which conclusions are generally just informed statements. For example, if your were conducting research on the fairy tale Cinderella you could conducted quantitative research and collect data on how many different Cinderella stories there are in existence and how many people know about the story. Since these questions give you measurable data it is quantitative. However, you can also ask what themes each version of the story gives to its reader and what the theme means to the specific culture it comes from. This type of data does not have a measurable value; it is statements based on questions and observation and is therefore …show more content…
It also demonstrates my ability to synthesis information. It does this by evaluating historical information about academic libraries and current trends to form an opinion on the future of libraries within academia.
The Evolution and Future of the Academic Library LIBR 257- Record Management The paper Factors in Implementing an Electronic Record Management System demonstrates my ability to research using a variety of methods. This paper also demonstrates by ability to relate the collected data to a relevant library service and explain how the service could be improved or hindered based on the information collected.
Factors in Implementing an Electronic Record Management System LIBR 257- Record Management The survey Records Survey Assignment demonstrates my ability to conduct primary and quantitative research using data collected via a survey method.
Record Survey

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