Importance Of Public Relations And Marketing Essay

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Public relations and marketing are foremost exterior purpose of a company regarding to product advertisement and customer relationship. They function on many different levels and on different standpoint and observation. For example, Marketing survives to accomplish , sense, and assist many needs of shoppers and earnings for the establishment; however, public relations exist to harvest willingness in the company’s innumerable publics; consequently, they do not hinder in the business profitable capability.
Additional Research
It will be impossible to change an existing company style of business without doing research first. One must gather all the information possible before any changes can occur such as Clientele, and marketing strategies. Research must accepted to regulate the efficacious areas that should twisted only to some extent and those other tasks that required a complete renovation (Forde, 2010). Based on the research conducted on the restaurants in the different part of the country the method of answering telephone varies a great deal from location to location; some employee are willing to help and others are lost in the mist. I would be more explicit on the research to find out what is the company standard, expectations, and policy. What expected of each person who work there also sending some expect to visit particular restaurant also see how their customer relations function when they actually face to face with someone. Furthermore, speak…

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