Importance Of Prairie Dogs

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Is it important to maintain the colonies of prairie dogs in Colorado? What exactly makes prairie dogs so important? Who supports them and fights for them, and what is killing them? Prairie dogs, like many other livings on Earth, are valuable to our ecosystem. They are responsible for keeping the cycle of life going and helping to maintain a healthy structure in the wild, both as predator and prey.
There are wildlife activists who support prairie dogs and who support non-lethal methods of removing them and will go as far as buying land for the small creatures. Then there are conservationists, who see the importance of prairie dogs, but who also see the importance of conserving the land they call home. They will try to keep as many of the prairie
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In Northern Colorado a group that is being affected is the prairie dogs. Prairie dogs are seen frequently by almost everyone, they are generally large numbers and it is not unusual to see a couple of them die on the road. However, according to the Department of Biology, Colorado State University one of the main exterminators of prairie dogs is plague. The bacteria Yersinia pestis is the main threat to the prairie dogs which has been affecting their communities for a while. The main issue with the plague spreading is the fact that they are not recovering as easily which put them at risk of …show more content…
Living on a farm his whole life, Prairie Dogs have became a huge hindrances . From ruining crops with their holes, to livestock breaking legs in them holes. Cattle breaking a leg can be a huge set back, in the food and time that was spent on taking care of the animal, the costs of the destruction can go into the thousands, "About twenty years ago, Prairie Dogs were not a huge problem but as the years have gone by the have spread out and they are everywhere." "They are pretty cool creature to be honest with you." He went on to say that there is not much that you can do. If you relocate them they just continue to spread, then it becomes a problem to the next person. Sometimes it is just best to get rid of the problem all together instead of passing it on to the next person. If there was another way to solve it that would be great but it doesn’t seem like there

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