Importance Of Personal Goals In Life

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Everyone has their own goals in life and their own way to accomplish or reach it. My own way of reaching it has its own unique way. Throughout my life obstacles, accomplishments and even downfalls have occured. All of this has helped shape me to the person I am today. My ideology and ethics is something that keep me going forward. Alongside important people who are my motivation in life. My way of looking at things differ from most people, but it has its reason. To most people taking these courses is just additional work to them, but to me is a new way to grow not only intellectually but as a person. Everyone has their personal goals to meet. For me, to reach those goals I need to push myself beyond my limits. Which is why I am …show more content…
For example, in the chapter 3 assessments my underdeveloped category is verbal-linguistic. In all the activities we had so far that involved talking to others. I have struggled to communicate to my classmates that of course I personally do not know. It’s something that I dislike about myself as it limits me. It shows my timid nature because I am unable to communicate with others. Also, this makes it hard for me to do stuff like presentations or anything that involves me talking to the whole class. Which is a struggle because I am aware classes, like this one, require you to present something to the class. I am also aware that in higher education I am also required to do something like that which can be scary to me because it’s something that makes me very nervous and makes me think that it will affect my education. Another limitation or weakness as a learner is how I can’t admit my mistakes. I know i’m not perfect myself, but no one likes to be wrong, especially me. This restricts me as a learner because knowing I am wrong unables me to open up to people and ask them for help. Even writing my limitations now can be a struggle. This can affect my learning because I plan on going for higher education and I can’t be certain that I will understand all of the material, so I need to be able to open out to others and admit my mistakes. Despite my limits as a learner, I have strengths that help polish me as a learner. For instance, I have a mindset of never going back on my word. How does this help, you may ask? All my goals I have set for myself are goals that I do not plan on turning back on. They’re something I have set foot on. Another one of my key strengths is that I think things over. Like the assessments in chapter 3 state I am highly developed in logical mathematical and I am a thinker. This being said, I use reasoning and understand things with thoughtful and logical

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