Importance Of Performance Management In Human Resource Management

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1) In Human Resource Management by Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, and Meglich; performance management is defined as activities that make sure “the organization gets the performance it needs from its employees” (364) and performance appraisal is a “process of determining how well employees do their job…” (364). The reason as to why they are important is they can help see what “improvements can be made” (Mathis 364) and “to communicate, improve, and reward performance” (Mathis 364). When measuring employee performance, there are three types of information that is used. The first is trait-based, which is used to identify “a character trait of the employee, such as attitude, initiative…” (Mathis 368). The second is behavior-based and the …show more content…
Two errors that can exist in appraisals are rater bias and contrast error. Rater bias is when the “rater’s values and prejudices distort the rating” (Mathis 392) and contrast error is when the employee is rated “relative to others rather than against performance standards” (Mathis 392). How this can be prevented is having the raters be “aware of potential errors and biases…” (Mathis …show more content…
The first rule that is mentioned in the textbook is not have any bias towards the employee who is getting evaluated (Mathis 392). The second rule from class discussion is make sure you do not have too many topics and see if any of them can be compressed into one topic (Walker 2017). Third, always be polite, as aggressive behavior can lead to serious consequences like lawsuits concerning discrimination (Walker 2017). Finally, make sure their evaluation is related to “how well employees do their jobs…” (Mathis 364).
6) A. After reviewing this case study and what we looked at in the past, I would not be comfortable if I was working for Netflix. The reason I say this is because the case study talks about how it does not tolerate “average or poor performers” (Walker 2017), well what makes someone an average or poor performer? What is defined as average or poor work performance? When discussing this in class, it felt like the subject is vague and undefined, and not being defined can lead to chaos in the company (Walker

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