My Faith Journey Research Paper

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There has never been a time when I did not attend church. The first memory that I have of myself being in church was at four years of age. I was standing at the edge of the pew watching people walk by; not sure if it was the choir because I do not remember hearing music. I remember being in Sunday school at this age. I shared crayon with a boy, aged five who is now my husband. I remember playing Tag and Catch a Girl – Kiss a Girl with him in the church basement, walking to the candy store, changing into my choir robe and sleeping during every sermon. I can still see my dad’s face while pointing at me from the back of the church, the usher’s pew telling me to ‘sit up.’ I was raised Christian and attended a Baptist church; Greater Canaan …show more content…
My parents did not have to make me go. It was filled with field trips, choir banquets and musicals, visiting churches and anniversary dinners. But most of all, I knew that I was loved by my pastor, teachers, choir directors, youth leaders, etc... I received a love for God’s Word and a sincere desire to delight Him with my life.
My Faith Journey began the last Thursday in the month of September 1981 in my bedroom. I was 16, pregnant & unmarried. The doctors were concerned that my baby wasn’t growing at a normal rate. My mother, who was still very disappointed in me, went to Cook County Hospital with me for tests and to see several specialists. We were told that day in September that my baby would be born with a growth retardation; a midget. The bus, train and bus ride home we did not speak. I remember asking my dad for an abortion when we arrived home. He disagreed and assured me that everything would be
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I eventually joined the children’s ministry as a children’s worker. Under the leadership of the children’s pastor, Reverend Daryl Jordan I began teaching 8 o’clock & 12 o’clock children’s church. The AM service consisted of 150 school aged children and PM service consisted of 200 – 300 children. I accepted the responsibility of ministering each Sunday for two years while teaching adults. I attended Saturday service so that I could teach. I assumed that Salem was where God was calling me but my reoccurring dream did not look like Salem. I continued to teach until I was relieved of my duties. I was never officially told why I was relieved but my gender played a huge role. I began co-teaching 8th grade Sunday school and was able to develop a Sunday Vacation Bible Class for the entire children’s Sunday

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