Returning To College Case Study

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My decision to return to school was based on life after the military. Although I had no interest to go back to school, it was time to jump back in and receive my Associates Degree. Many of my Soldiers were going through Excelsior, and one of my Non-Commissioned Officers swore by Excelsior, which he provided excellent feedback about the College and the programs it had to offer. Along, with the credits applied toward my military education and the ease of the online portal it was a no brainer. Once, I figured this out; I knew it was the right time, and Excelsior was the right place.
After serving in the military for 22 years and retirement in the horizon and all I had to show was a CLEP test in Spanish, it was time for me to apply my efforts toward a
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However, it was unbelievable, how many future scholars were returning to college after an extended absence like myself, better believe this was reassuring. Excelsior also provides an enormous attendance of military personnel old and new with a mixture of civilians as well, which offers a wealth of knowledge to everyone in the class. Excelsior is a magnificent college, and you will soon realize you might take multiple classes with the same students, which allows you to build friendships or, at least, makes the process easier. All of these tools have been a great asset to me and have kept me motivated enough to stay in college and earn my Applied Associate’s Degree in Technology. Take it for me no matter how old or how long it has been since your last class let Excelsior help you achieve your goals because it is never too late to start. Currently, I am enrolled in a 15-week course online that has given me ample amount of time to complete my assignments and has worked great with my schedule and family time. Get started now and do not let time slip

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