My Mother As A Servant Leader Essay

I chose my mother, Heather Dorval, as my aspirational leader. I chose her because of her outstanding level of integrity and independence. My mother is the kind of person who will admit her mistakes and is easily able to grow from them. My mother is genuinely invested in the people she leads, and even when she is stressed or tired of dealing with her followers, she continues to keep working with them. Over the years she has giving me impactful advice that I have constantly been able to apply to my life. She readily sacrifices much of her time to serve the people around her. There is no person that could have more of an influence in my life than her. My mother serves as a leader every day in her classroom as a teacher for the Cy-Fair school district. She has a passion for teaching, and even though some days it drains her, she still continues to work her hardest to inspire her students to successfully move forward through high school. Each day presents a new challenge for her as her students often …show more content…
Some of the key aspects that she covered in her interview were stewardship, listening, and a commitment to the growth of people (221-222). She is constantly committed to the success and growth of her students. When her students mess up, she feels responsible for the failure. She is not afraid to take full responsibility for the consequences of a group and work to improve the next time around. As a servant leader her goal is to always make an impact on the people she leads and she consistently strives to make a difference day in and day out for not much recognition. She constantly inspires the people around her, and she is a prime example of how a leader can inspire commitment and keep a group engaged despite conflict. In applying myself as a leader, I strive to be able to inspire the same amount of passion in the people I lead like my mother has day in and day

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