Importance Of My Aspirational Leader

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I chose my mother, Heather Dorval, as my aspirational leader. I chose her because of her outstanding level of integrity and independence. My mother is the kind of person who will admit her mistakes and is easily able to grow from them. My mother is genuinely invested in the people she leads, and even when she is stressed or tired of dealing with her followers, she continues to keep working with them. Over the years she has giving me impactful advice that I have constantly been able to apply to my life. She readily sacrifices much of her time to serve the people around her. There is no person that could have more of an influence in my life than her. My mother serves as a leader every day in her classroom as a teacher for the Cy-Fair school district. She has a passion for teaching, and even though some days it drains her, she still continues to work her hardest to inspire her students to successfully move forward through high school. Each …show more content…
She believes people should act with a high level of authenticity if they are to be a successful leader. A leader should always look out for the overall success of the group. According to my mother’s interview, if the leader starts to work towards their own self-interest, they will slowly lose the respect of their followers. In my experience, I have seen many leaders who lose respect when their authenticity in personal and professional matters is compromised. My mother has always taught me to be the better person in life and never react to things. She even told me the story of how she stopped talking to and accepting money from her father in high school because he continually put his children in the middle of his divorce by telling them to keep secrets from my grandmother. Through this example she has taught me to never compromise my own personal values for anyone. This has been an important quality in my personal leadership philosophy and has guided my actions throughout my

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