Importance Of Military Watch Regulation: Ultimate Guide

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Military Watch Regulation: Ultimate Guide
What type of watches are allowed on field? Which color is forbidden? Are branded watches acceptable? These are the questions that perplex every single mind of wannabe soldiers, and sometimes even serving officers are found confused in this regard. If you are reading this guide, you don’t have to worry anymore. All the questions will be answered in the prospect of Army Regulation law 670-1 1-14 A, which will leave all your misunderstandings far-off.
Army is a commissioned uniformed service for a reason. They are judged by the manners and discipline as well as personal appearance. Therefore, they are required to stay neat and well-groomed all the time. Wearing army uniform with perfect settings on the
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Commanding officers has all the right to any time change the uniform policy according to the situation. On some events, officers usually recommend to wear black watch only, if necessary to wear otherwise don’t. Black is the color that is preferred on field as it reduce being a target indicator. You might also need to change your backpacks, sunglasses and whatever to color black or its fellow colors like brushed aluminum, brown, dark gray, gunmetal etc.
Things to Remember for A Wannabe Soldier
1) Soldiers’ uniform must be fit and tidy and they should have minimum quantity of uniforms in spare.
2) Soldiers are bound to wear only authorized badges and awards.
3) Uniform of the soldiers should be made by certified manufacturers in order to keep up the quality and design.
4) Soldiers must be always in professional image whether on or off duty.
5) Soldiers must follow all the appearance and grooming standards set by the corps.
6) The commanding officer can any time change the
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Shoes may be branded, but it must not contain any logo or sign that show off. Shoes should be worn on plain white socks, this is mandatory. Gloves, belts, vests, underwear and other item are all suggested on soldiers will and according to the environment. You will have to wear full PFU and IPFU uniforms unconditionally, if recommended by the commanding officer. All the PFU and IPFU uniforms are issued after authorization by the NSN and DLA. Your uniform should be attested of their stamps with contract

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