Importance Of Military Psychology

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Military psychologists cover a vast range of specializations to ensure success throughout all the military’s branches. A military psychologist has one of the most helpful and influential jobs to families and members of the military. Those affected psychologically due to the stress and anxiety of battle often need a specific type of psychologist to help cope with drastic past experiences. Families that have lost a sibling or loved one due to war often need a similar type of counseling to assist in enduring the struggles of losing a loved one. Military psychologists also contribute to many of the military’s selection processes, such as effective recruitment and leadership procedures. Strong relationships between personality traits and leadership …show more content…
1). Afterwards, students must choose between getting their doctorate degree at a university or a military academy. The University of Florida and Florida State University both have great psychology programs that will ensure an outstanding education in any military psychology field. While a university is an excellent place to get your degree, military academies are just as viable of an option and often your education will be free! Some academy choices are the U.S. Army Military Academy in New York, the U.S. Navy/Marine Academy in Maryland, and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado. After the finalization of receiving your doctorate, you will then need to complete an internship. When you are finished with both your doctorate degree and internship, you will receive your Doctor of Psychology license to be a psychologist in the …show more content…
The reason that the behavioral theory stands out above the rest is because of this field mainly dealing with behaviors in any given mentally disturbed individual, or behaviors that lead to certain leadership skills, team building skills, etc. The behavioral theory greatly shines in military psychology with the CES (Combat Exposure Scale) where an individual’s behavior is evaluated though a scale that changes with time spent in combat (Ferrajão, 2016, p. 8). The understanding of the behavioral theory pulls together everything needed to be a military psychologist and greatly displays the primary skill needed to be an outstanding

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