The Importance Of Metabolism In The Human Body

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The term metabolism is used to name any type of process that happens in the body. It is mostly used when talking about keeping the cells alive and the body as well. Something like when our mitochondria absorbs the energy in our foods so that we can function in everyday life. Metabolism is important to maintain a stable life system of cells and the rest of our body.It mostly helps to make sure the organism survives. Metabolism mainly occurs by our cells and body absorbing the nutrients out of foods like proteins, carbs, and many others. Once absorbed it is distributed out to parts of the body or cells that need it most. It benefits us by keeping our body nice and healthy. If we didn't have a system like metabolism to maintain cells, firstly …show more content…
Nutrition is really just and type of protein or carb or anything the body needs to make energy or perform basic tasks. All living things in the world need it, or they would not exist. Some of the things animals eat naturally for food would be, number one, other animals. Meat provides an excellent source of protein and there is plenty of it. Other things would be like grass, berries, fruit, and vegetables that they can find in the wild. Nutrition affects the animal body by giving it the necessary fuel to survive and further their species. If animals didn't get nutrition then they would cease to exist, same as humans as well. Animals go through many stages throughout life. These different stages will require them to need different amount of nutrients. Young animals usually won't need a very large amount of food but it does need to be nutrient rich since they are starting the growing process outside of the womb. As they grow up they will start to need more food. The reason is as an animal starts to grow they start to become more adventurous and start hunting on their own. This requires a lot of energy since they aren't exactly the strongest. The as they reach adulthood this is when they will need the most food and nutrients. At this point they are either trying to or are carrying offspring. They need to hunt for these offspring so they need so much more energy because they are getting more food than usual. Then they are a bigger animal overall so they need more food just off of that

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