Defense Of Food Reflection

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The book I chose for the APES reflective paper was In Defense of Food An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan. When I first saw the list I had spotted three books that I might be interested with they were the Sixth Extinction, The Soil Will Save Us, and In Defense of Food. I had thoughts of reading the Sixth Extinction as I had heard something of the same nature in the summary in eighth-grade science class. I honestly didn 't remember much of it, however, I kinda knew that the sixth extinction was gonna be humans, I felt like the whole suspense of the book had been kind of ruined and thus I turned to the other two books. The Soil Will Save Us got my attention, but then my attention fell on In Defense of Food as it 's medium was something I cared about, food. And I thought this guy was some kind of weird food guru, and it would be almost fun to see what kind of weird things he believed were the best to consume. But also due to it having relevancy to me through the medium of food.
The Age of Nutritionism (1/3): Summative Paragraphs
First of all, what is Nutritionism? Nutritionism is an ideology in which food are the sum of all scientific nutrients. However, this is not paying the food the credit it deserves, and this
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I thought this guy was one of those people you see on ads, where they claim what to eat and how they do a miracle to you. However, after I got reading I started to understand that this guy was pretty much telling the truth. I also became very confused in the book, like why was nutritionism such a bad thing, and I honestly still am. But at the end, he tells us not to sweat those small details and I basically followed his orders. He also amazed me with all the connections that were influenced by cooking and eating and how it made us healthier. For example when we make a meal, it takes time and effort and in the end, we won’t make too much of it, and therefore will have to learn to savor those small

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