Muscles In The Human Body Movement

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The human body is composed of muscle which are responsible for body movement. Muscles in found in the human body attach to the bones of the skeletal system, in a human body there are “700 individual muscles that make up part of a person’s weight and the muscular system. Each of these muscles are separate organ which are made up of skeletal tissues, nerves, blood vessels and muscle tissues. Muscle tissues are found throughout the human body, inside the heart, the blood vessels and the digestive organs. There are three type of muscle tissue found in the human body, smooth, cardiac and the skeletal muscle tissue. The smooth muscle tissue is found inside organs like the stomach, the blood vessels and the intestines. The smooth muscle tissue is an involuntary muscle, meaning it functions on its own without been controlled. The main function of the smooth muscle tissue is to make organs tightens to move substances in and out of the organs, and it is mainly controlled by the unconscious part of the human brain. The second type of muscle tissue is the cardiac muscle and it is found in the heart. This muscle is responsible for the flow of blood throughout the body. The cardiac muscle compared to the smooth muscle is also an involuntary muscle. The cardiac muscle is unique in itself because it stimulates itself to contract. The …show more content…
“The only tissue to contract in the body are the muscles therefore they move other parts of the body. The secondary function of the muscular system is the maintenance of posture and body position”. Another function of the muscular system is its ability to move substances inside the body, and the muscles that are responsibly for these movement are the cardiac and the smooth muscles. They transport substance like blood or nutrient/food from one part of the body to another. The muscle are a great generator of heat, a high metabolic rate of constricting muscles in the muscular system excrete

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