Importance Of Locking In Knowledge

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Locking in Knowledge
Have you ever had a moment when an idea just clicks in? Knowledge is the key that unlocks a broader mind. This essay discusses how the mind locks information with the use of the liberal arts and the sense of leisure. Authors like Newman and Pieper express ways humans should interact these concepts in their daily lifestyles or habits. Pieper writes, “And there, in turn, we are not so very far from the ethical notion that everything man does naturally, and without effort is falsification of truly moral for what we do by nature is done without effort (13).” This reminds me of a time when my thoughts locked into place. All of a sudden, I snapped up and realized an idea. My perfectly cleared mind became overflowing. Grasping
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Then, the mind has abilities to secure knowledge and use it functionally, which is a reward in itself. Newman comments, “Such is the constitution of the human mind, that any kind of knowledge it be really such, is its own reward (32).” When I gave myself a moment of peace, I was able to come up with a great homemade gift for my new friend. We had just met and I had to decide how much information I was going to release. My mind locked down on an idea, and I whispered, ' 'I got it! ' ' To make my new project purposeful, I used my knowledge from the liberal arts. My project was a homemade puzzle. On one side of each piece, it had a section of the overall picture and on the reversed side; it contained one fact about me. Keeping in mind what Pieper once said, “The faculty of the mind, man’s knowledge, is both these things in one, the process of knowing the action of the two together (9).” I used the basic knowledge of the liberal arts to expand my knowledge. Having knowledge in the liberal arts became a base for my gained …show more content…
Locking information never stops, and therefore human minds are always seeking more knowledge of everything, including other people. Getting back to my puzzle project, I decided to create this suspense. The suspense clicked when he could only get up to a couple of pieces per date. And I made a large

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