Importance Of Living A Happy Life Essay

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Living a happy life is a choice. Everyone has the innate ability to be truly joyful and fulfilled. But it doesn’t just happen, you have to live a life of purpose and meaning. You get to create your life intentionally simply by how you feel about yourself and your mindset. Each of us were created to live joyfully. It’s only ourselves that keep us from tapping into our own power. We have the gift of free agency, which means we can create our lives by design rather than by default—if we select to.

Embrace life to the fullest by embracing your universe! Realize how magnificent you truly are! You can reach your goals and dreams if you believe in yourself! You have the power within to become all you long to be. It’s just a matter of trusting God and letting go of judgments against yourself
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Without goals life is stagnant and unfulfilling. Create goals that make you stretch beyond your comfort zone. Live a life of purpose by managing your time wisely and working hard—followed by playing hard.
• Be true to yourself. Practice self-reflection. Ask yourself what you want out of life. Follow your heart and trust your gut feelings.
• Have fun. Take time each day to do what you love and enjoy doing.
• Laugh out loud. Call your closest friends who make you giggle as though you were a child again.
• Read uplifting books. Enrich your life by learning from the masters.
• Expand your knowledge and skill sets. Study and learning will benefit not only your life, but you brain also. Learning slows the aging process of the brain.
• Serve others. Having a charitable heart does more for you than those you serve.
• Be charitable. Give generously with your temporal blessings. Donate 10% of your income monthly to your church or non-profit organizations.
• Be your biggest cheerleader. Cheer yourself on as you move forward in accomplishing your goals and dreams. The more you do the more confident you will become in believing you can achieve what you set out to

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