Essay about Why Do We As Humans Do What We Do?

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Why do we as humans do what we do? Is there an explanation for our actions? What exactly are our actions and what goes into those actions? All of these questions can be answered and it all comes down to the point of happiness. Through text such as “Human Fulfillment” by David Cloutier, Moral Theology True Happiness and the Virtues by William C. Mattison, and “On Free Choice of the Will” by Augustine we will find answers and examples to these questions. It is everyone’s purpose in life to live a happy life or a life that leads to happiness, but not all of us as humans can achieve this happiness. Through human action we can understand what needs to be done to achieve happiness. First we need to understand why anyone does anything at all. Humans do what they do because of the future. In the reading “Human Fulfillment” Cloutier says, “Human action is driven not primarily by past causes, but by causes situated in the future.” (Cloutier 134) Cloutier is making the point that our actions are based on the effect they will have on the future not the past. We do what we do because we want to change our future in a certain kind of way. We choose to go to college and work to better our future, not because of something that happened in our past. Every action we have has a reaction to something that deals with the future. We go to school to get a career, we get a career to make good money, we make good money to live a good life, and we live a good life to be happy. Our…

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