What Makes You Happiest Essay

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Whatever you come up with is the kind of positive self-talk that it is making you feel good right now, even when you are looking up on the Internet 'I don 't know what to say to make myself happier."

You see, you do know what to say. That 's because you know what you want. You know what you desire and crave. You know what makes you proud of yourself and fond of yourself. And when you say things that are in line with your deepest self and desires, you feel happier.

As you can see, though, saying positive things to yourself that makes you happier usually follows some sort of action. If you do something you are proud of or that makes you feel good, then you are more likely to use positive self-talk.

Do What Makes You Happiest

In other
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She felt like she was viewed as garbage by many of the doctors and nurses. She did not like cleaning up after other people. She did not like having to constantly do things outside of her job description, but since she often interacted with the patients, she was forced to do things that had nothing to do with cleaning. She complained about her job every day, and that affected how she talked to herself. She would say things like 'You are a loser ' and 'Everyone thinks you are worthless '. It wasn 't until she met a coworker who took his job very seriously that she started to reframe her situation. He enjoyed interacting with people. He felt like he was helping people have a better day, and so he was nice to everyone he came across and was more than willing to do things that were out of his job description. Once she took on this attitude, she talked to herself in a completely different way. She was proud of the things she did at work. She was happy to be in a position where she could help others without taking away from her work. She started to see her job and herself in a completely different light, and it helped her to move on to other jobs that have a big impact on the people around her.

Use Positive Affirmations That Have Intent

Now that you know taking action on the life you want and reframing situations that you don 't can help you be happier, you can introduce some positive affirmation in your life. These are the statements that will help you take action and reframe the way you view things.

You want to use positive affirmations that include intent in them. These are the things that you want to act on because you know they are going to make your life happier and better. For

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