Importance Of Lean Six Sigma In Supply Chain Management

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Lean six sigma
Lean six sigma is a business technique and it acts as an important tool make supply chain management success. It offers satisfaction to both customers and companies in terms of their expectations. Most of the industries using this as an aid to increase their revenue and it helps to fix the value added processes beneficial to them. Transparency , mutual understanding, team working, recognizing the value of each individual, build a confidence in employees mind and teaches how to work efficiently and effectively , create positive working environment these all dramatically make the company in a success path. This is a combination of lean and six sigma. Lean aim is to minimize the unwanted steps and use quality time for an activity
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It has been using in an industry for the continuous work without any delay by creating a signal manufacturing environment. Kaizen aim is to make the business on the top most position by determine current status of the business, identify improvement plan and work for continuous improvement. Adding small improvements in every sectors add up a long term improvement for overall business. Takt time main purpose is to match the production with customer demand according with time. Takt time helps in reduce over production of goods ,storage cost price , transportation cost and make company competitive in the market. Statistical process control is standard operating procedures used in the business operations to do in it’s maximum effective way and main aim is to reduce the variations throughout the process by monitoring, analysing and comparing by statistical procedures to improve the quality of the product. These Kanban, Kaizen, Takt time and Statistical process control plays a pivotal role in lean six sigma to make the supply chain management in a balanced manner. Moreover these are the effective tools to address the waste, unnecessary inventories and lead time, processing problems, unwanted transportation, inappropriate waiting, unwanted movements of both machines and people, too much of productions, wasting time for complicated paper works, wastage of effort by the workers, stress and strain of operators, disorganized working environment, carelessness related accidents , damages and losses. Furthermore, lean six sigma focus on fast response, quality, continuous improvement, value, low cost, customer

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