Visual Control Essay

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• Better return on investment.
• Less risk of accidents.
6. Visual Factory: This should give a person the Ability to understand the status of a production area in 60 seconds or less by simple observation without use of computers or speaking to anyone.
There are two types of application in visual factory: displays and controls. A visual display relates information and data to employees in the area. For example, charts showing the monthly revenues of the company or a graphic depicting a certain type of quality issue that group members should be aware of. A visual control is intended to actually control or guide the action of the group members. Examples of controls are readily apparent in society: stop signs, handicap parking signs, no smoking
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Filling pipe for Diesel is larger than a filling pipe for petrol and the tank entrance is sized accordingly.
2. Fuel cap is fitted with clicking ratchet type cover to signal proper tightness and prevent over-tightening.
8. Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a method of visually mapping a product's production path (materials and information) from "door to door". VSM can serve as a starting point to help management, engineers, production associates, schedulers, suppliers, and customers recognize waste and identify its causes. The process includes physically mapping your "current state" while also focusing on where you want to be, or your "future state" blueprint, which can serve as the foundation for other Lean improvement strategies. (Kaizen Institute)
A value stream is all the actions (both value added and non-value added) currently required to bring a product through the main flows essential to every product:
• The production flow from raw material into the arms of the customer
• The design flow from concept to launch
Taking a value stream perspective means working on the big picture, not just individual processes, and improving the whole, not just optimizing the
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Value Stream Mapping provides a simple, yet thorough methodology that relies on relevant data analysis and display. It links reporting requirements, metrics, people, and lean tools to sustain improvement and promote process learning. It gives managers and employees the same tool and language to communicate.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lean Manufacturing.
Overall the advantages of Lean manufacturing lead to large cost savings, better cash flow, lower inventory and storage cost. It’s helps to reduce lead times, better relationships with your customers and helps to win new business. Working conditions and company moral should be hugely improved.
The disadvantages of Lean manufacturing are if you have a machine breakdown and can’t fix the machine for a week or so, you won’t have spare stock to meet the customers demand
If equipment breaks down or you need more-than-projected labour for certain processes, you may fall behind and lose your optimized efficiency

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