Summary: Leadership Communication In The New Workplace

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Leadership Communication in the New Workplace

An organization like Bean Here is like none other. Bean Here is not your

typical location to grab a cup of coffee and be on the go. Bean Here is more of a

destination to arrive at. We prefer to title our “coffee brewers” as Artists. They are

brewing a cup of finely crafted ingridients. At Bean Here we all strive towards

greatness. Through our relations with our fellow humans we can assemble an

amazing team. Bean Here possess a unique style and approach. We value “culture”

in everything we do. Through critical applications we have been able to include a

variation of jaw dropping wonders. The power we possess works in our favor to

have an influence on our society.

Bean Here is
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Being productive

with providing positive energy and active engagement we shall reach organizational



In order for us to become a hit sensation we must brand our selves in order to

maximize our growth. At Bean Here we must represent an environment that entices

our customers to indulge. Not to be spendthrift. We want to brand and encompass

everything we do as one. Not only our coffee brews and our delicious menu items,

but also everything we have to offer. Ranging from our nightly events to our weekly

changes. We are a business coming up in the 21st century. We are in a region that is

spiraling upwards and sprawling with growth and opportunity. We want to

differentiate ourselves from the others. We want to become iconic and everlasting.

Whoever has experienced a few minutes of time with us will be sure to come back

with a party of multiple more. And this is how things begin to spread. Through our

influential messages, and creative atmosphere, things that our clients enjoy will our

name become eternal. Through our branding initiative we want to create a type of

identity that represents reality. We want consumers to understand and
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Keep in mind we want to run a successful organization, create a

structure that implements our beliefs, we want to piece together a productive staff

that have full knowledge our mission statement, and understand it completely.

Through a brand extension will we be able to move further up the food chain. When

we have substantial following, customers will buy into our brand. Which will further

help our efforts in going global. Rather than being able to sell our products, we want

to sell our initiatives and brand values. W

When people in Philadelphia come into Bean Here they will take in everything we

have put into play to run such a magnificent shop. They will be greeted by our

values, beliefs, and hospitality and understand what it is we are here to do. In order

to win our market, we must win a share of people’s mind (Mumby 290). Not only do

we want to sell our products to our customers on a sales level relationship, we want

to build a relationship management with our clients. Along with selling our

commodities to our clients, we want to form a long- term relationship. We will rely

on our organizational branding to reflect our product

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