College Admissions Essay: The Future Of My Future

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A Future Present
Whenever I wanted to get my mother a present, she would always reply with " The greatest gift you can give me is a good future”. Keeping my mother 's words in mind, I allowed them to guide and mold me throughout all of my pursuits in high school. Whether it be volunteering, becoming a part of a national winning DECA team, or my advance-placed academics, I always gave it my all to succeed .
During my freshman year, I decided to place myself in all honors courses. At first, I wasn 't prepared for what an honors course entailed. I assumed it was similar to the advance courses I had taken in my middle school years. This wasn’t the case. These classes required large periods of study outside of class, and a great deal of attitude learning the materials. I had
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It has affected my life in numerous ways, however, one way that Key Club affected me in a profound way was this organization 's ability to connect me with other teenagers passionate about volunteerism and personal development. With my new friends help and encouragement, I was able to grow our club membership 150% in one year during my presidency. When I was given the position of Lieutenant Governor-Vice, in which I had to manage around 1,000 other members within my district. my Key Club family was there aiding me with useful advice in managing the many clubs. We became like family. With their aid, I was able to transform myself into becoming a more caring and competent leader. This organization was able to provide the experience necessary for me to handle unexpected complications with ease. Key Club was crucial in helping develop my character by providing me the opportunity to serve the international community, with events such as the eliminate project in which my club was able to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus in India, while making life-long

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