Importance Of Integrated Curriculum

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Introduction Throughout this course we have analyzed the four different types of integrated curriculum, intradisciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary. Discussed the importance of in integrated curriculum and created a unit plan with three integrated lessons using the interdisciplinary pathway. Education is changing. Thus our approach to teaching and learning needs to be adjusted as well. The nature of the real world, the one we are to be preparing our students, requires students to be able to use a variety of skills and knowledge learned from different disciplines. Bringing in collaborative learning, problem-based learning and instruction “which brings more than one discipline together to address a specific issues or solve real-world problems” (Chae Mi, Wyatt, Mariotz and Browning-Samoni, 2012, p. 6). With anything we …show more content…
They do not see the connection between and English class or social studies class or math and science classes due to the lack of an integrated curriculum. We need teachers and administrators to work together to lead a more integrated curriculum across the board. Not all disciplines can work together, but there are skills and knowledge learned in each discipline that can be used in another or can work together to solve more complex problems. We do not want our students not to be single minded. These students are the future of our country, they will face problems we do not even have yet, but all of our problems need more than one way of thinking. Thus we need advocates to lead us from a fragmented curriculum to an integrated curriculum in our individual disciplines, so show how skills used in one can be used in another and prior knowledge helps form meaningful connections throughout their years of schooling. If we do this, then our students can solve more complex problems, in and out of the classroom, and beyond graduation into the real world situations they will

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