Too Much Homework Research Paper

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How often do you have homework in a week? Did you know that there’s no homework in the education institutions of Finland? That’s right; a Finnish student doesn’t have to do any homework after their school time! However, Finland’s graduation rate is higher compared to Canada and in the United States. Subsequently, according to the studies from Duke University, the leading homework researcher, a moderate amount of homework is effective to the students as it helps to improve the students’ academic and also their grades. By the same token, too much homework may decrease its effectiveness. Homework is helpful for the students because it is an extra mini lesson, train good individuals, focuses on students’ progress and also helps achieving good grades. …show more content…
Students will establish good time management skills through completing their homework punctually all the time. Homework will encourage the students to utilize their time wisely. Hence, the students will reduce their time on unnecessary entertainments, such as playing video games, watching television or even procrastinate. On the other hand, homework will definitely manifest a student’s self-discipline and develop positive attitude towards their academics. Students will successfully think more maturely about the importance of education in this era, creating a good habit or hobby on studying and completing homework. Alternatively, students will also show responsibility to accomplish their homework and assignments that were assigned by the teachers. Homework also impacts a student to work more independently. Thus, students with good moral values and habits will serve them to be a successful person throughout their life and leads them to a brighter future. In addition, homework will also lead a student to be more concerned about their academics; motivate themselves to complete their homework in time and perform better in

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