Importance Of Health Assessment

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After completing my health assessment, I noticed that since I began the nursing program, many unexpected things have changed. I was astonished that it only took 4 weeks for me to break habits that I have been working towards for years. Analyzing my test made me instantly thankful for this assignment, my loved ones nor myself would make my downfalls apparent, and the assessment did. Life has taught me the importance of physical health and how it is easily connected to all other facets of life. Exercise has always been an outlet for stress and an opportunity to be alone and regroup. Typically, I am strict balanced on my diet, but after beginning school and moving in with my boyfriend, my nutrition has been moved to the back burner. The idea …show more content…
In the past, I have never put too much emphasis on my BMI and never stepped on a scale. I believe that health is how you feel about yourself, not just about numbers. Often, women put their self worth in what the see in the scale and counting calories. For this assignment, I am going to switch my personal views and see how it effects my overall health and my BMI. Throughout school I have always been told that BMI is unreliable, due to the fact that it does not take into consideration body composition and other personal attributes. My driving factor for this goal is that on most case studies we have performed in class, we have always considered their BMI and the potential health risks that are associated. Furthermore, Diabetes runs in my family and by keeping my BMI in a healthy range, I can combat my predisposition.
Long term goal- View nutrition and exercise as a way to take care of myself and keep me within a healthy BMI range.
Short term goal- By loosing 5 pounds by November 22nd, I will move my BMI into a healthy
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BMI is the perfect public health tool, it is standardized, non-invasive, inexpensive, and widely dispersed not based on socioeconomic status. In order to move into a healthy BMI, I will need to monitor food intake and calorie output. Since I have no other comorbidities, intervention should be straightforward and the plan should be easy to follow. Using clinical guidelines will provide a structure that I have not utilized in previous behavior

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