Customer Service Industry

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From research and feasibility study, guest experience is a wide scope in the hospitality industry. There are several names and attributes given to the term called ''Guest experience.'' Depending on the area of your business, guest experience can be called customer service. In support to this notion, guest experience can be referred as taking care of the customer. It is also known as the heart of the business. By carrying out this action, it simply means anticipating and understanding the needs of the customer with respect to providing the best solutions. It requires adopting an approach with deep understanding from all aspects of care. However, customer experience in the hospitality industry requires exploring the cores of quality
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It is usually taken as the first point of contact of a business and the guests. However, it is can as well be an avenue for a business to create a long-lasting impression in the mind of the clients. In between the hospitality industry is the business that wants to offer customers a satisfying service that creates total happiness. This is highly noticed in a business where customers usually pay close attention to the type of service they receive. When customers are placed in the forefront of a business, there is every possibility for such establishment to experience a steady flow of honest clients. However, these clients will finally become repeated customers of a good business applying the rule of guest experience. From PijIs, Schreiber, and Van Marle, 2011.'' there are certain tips that can help any business execute quality guest experience service that glows with pride. Find out below the importance of customer experience service in a well-established business. In most cases, you will discover that satisfied clients are always looking for an energetic service and a memorable experience. This is always the habit of satisfied clients where it matters the most. Presently, it is expedient for establishments to know that customers now drop their feedback about a given service on several websites. Even if their experience was bad or good, it will be tabled. On this note, it is …show more content…
One great challenge that the industry is facing is increased competition. Based on the skyrocketing presence of hotels and other platforms where clients converge, the competition of businesses will surely increase. The presence of these amenities will not allow guests to be handled with proper care. Some businesses have lost hope in understanding the value of their guests based on the fierce competition around. In the process to fight the competition, some businesses have to spend out of their profits or generated funds. This can in another way affect the productivity of a business.''Mei, Dean and White,

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