Engaged Citizensship Reflection

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Over the semester I was able to grow as a writer. Coming into this course of English 202 Research Writing, Professionalism and Engaged Citizenship I was a bit nervous. In the past, writing was never a subject I succeed in. Over the course I produced several mid-drafts along with final drafts that I am proud to say were successful in my opinion. Although I believed that my final drafts were good and I had grown as a writer throughout the semester, I did have weakness and strengths in my writing. Some weakness that I did have was my ability to start off my papers and create great thesis statements to persuade my audience to continue reading. As time progressed throughout the semester I was able to become more conformable and confident as a writer. …show more content…
I believe that this class was able to help improve my writing skills in many ways. Producing mid-drafts seemed like a nuisance at first, but has really helped improve my writing. By producing mid-drafts I was always tempted to re-read my essays before handing them in, which is something that I had never did before. Also having peer feedback also helped my writing. With the peer feedback I was able to take what was wrong with my paper and fix it before turning it in for a final grade which I found as excellent. This allowed me to change any errors that I had not previously come across. Also producing a mid-draft allowed me to go back and re-read my essay after not having it in front of me for some time. It allowed me to re-read my essay fresh allowing me to produce new ideas and thoughts I could put into my essays. I believe this class helped me improve on my writing as a whole. I will not say this class could benefit me because it will help me use the skills and knowledge to produce proficient essays whether it is a research paper for a future class or a resume for a future …show more content…
I had did my research paper on how it was living with autism. The reason I had chosen this topic was because my two younger brothers have autism and the day to day struggles is what they have to deal with every day. From not being accepted in most places because of their disabilities to my mother’s future decisions on where they will live if they decide to continue to live with my mother and not go to college. These are things I had wished to research to learn more about, because though I do know much about it, I am still learning new things day by day. Since this essay hit close to come it was a very personal essay that took a lot of thought put into it. I am joyous that I did chose the topic I did because it gave me a chance to spread knowledge and

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