Importance Of Friendship In The Classroom

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Corbin’s smile and good hearted attitude makes him a joy to have in class. Corbin has a great understanding of math, but I am concerned about his lack of focus and attention. When working independently he tends to get distracted easily. One area of improvement is reading, and he would benefit from reading nightly at home. Corbin is beyond kind to others and always has a smile on his face.

Beth is bright, motivated, and hard working. She tends to second guess herself. Her confidence has grown since the beginning of the school year, and I would like to see her gain the confidence to trust her instinct. Academically, Beth is right where she needs to be. She is extremely helpful and caring in the classroom. Beth has an excellent attitude
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She is always wanting to help others. Reading is something we are working on, she has a tendency to rush through her work. She needs to work on taking her time and would benefit reading nightly at home. She communicates well with others, and is a joy to have in class. Jahdyn is a wonderful helper and is a classroom leader.

Sophia has beautiful handwriting and her smile always brightens my day. Sophia was shy at first; however, she is quickly gaining self-confidence within the classroom. Sometimes her pace with academics impacts how she is doing in class. Math and reading are two subjects that she would benefit from practicing at home. Sophia is a sweet girl who can work with anyone and she uses her time wisely.

Alex excels in math and reading, which come easy for him. Although academically Alex is excelling, his behavior has become a distraction to his learning. He has the tendency to shut down when the routine changes, and when he does not get his way. I would like to set up a meeting to talk about how Alex is doing, at the earliest convenient time. Alex is eager to be a leader, and a good hearted student.
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Academic concepts come easily for Jack, and sometimes he has the tendency to blurt. He is working on staying out of other people’s business. Sometimes he forgets to listen to what others are saying, which leads to conflict. Jack has great potential to be a strong leader and I would love to see him take a leadership role in the classroom. Jack is beyond bright and ready to be challenged.

Trenton’s growth and love for reading has made me so proud, which we are still working on. His organization skills still need growth, we are working on staying on task while working independently. Currently sound canceling headphones have been improving his focus and ability to complete assignments. Math is something we are still working on, I would recommend working on subtraction and addition facts at home. Trenton’s personality is always positive and upbeat.

Cole exhibits great skills when it comes to reading, and comprehending. Cole is a perfectionist, which causes him to get frustrated and stop working. Generally, this occurs when things do not go his way. He has demonstrated a lack of maturity, which we are working on by using strategies when he gets frustrated. Academically Cole is doing great and he works well with

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