Importance Of Food Preservation

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CAI 121 Product Id & Purchasing Unit 3 Lecture

During this unit, we will compare and contrast the methods used in food preservation, name the various packaging materials used in food service, and emphasize the importance of product specifications. We will also look at the considerations made in conducting quality analysis, and explore the concept of make-or-buy. As we continue with the unit, we will examine the organization of staffing as it applies to food service operations, and cover what common features are found in the buyer’s office, dry and refrigerated storage areas, and the receiving dock. As we finish the unit, we will focus on the importance of storeroom sanitation training for your staff.

Purchasing preserved foods, or preserving
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Many of your guests will have a high perceived value of products you can in-house. Canning allows you to buy produce when it is plentiful and low-priced, and allows you to sell your finished product for a premium. The chutneys, jams, jellies, pickles, preserves, and sauces you preserve, can be used in your restaurant preparations, or they can be sold in-house or online to your guest for their use at home. Either way, canning increases your guests’ perceived value of your product, while increasing your bottom …show more content…
Your storage area should be large enough that your staff doesn’t need to climb over things just to get what they need. The less crowded your space is, the less places pests and rodents have to hide. Proper lighting goes a long way to help control the rodents and pests, and to help keep your staff happy.

Sanitation training should be key to your storeroom operations. Everyone on your team needs to know how to properly handle and store all of the items that come into your operation. If your products are not handled and stored properly, your operation will not be a profitable as you would like.

After completing the readings, discussion questions, assignments, and content assessment for this unit, you will be able to compare and contrast common methods of food preservation, name the different packaging materials used in the Foodservice industry, and explain the importance of product specifications. You will also be able to list the considerations made in conducting quality analysis, and make-or-buy

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