Importance Of Filipino Traditions

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Register to read the introduction… They are so hospitable and we discover many Chinese traditions, customs and laws that are somewhat related to Filipino traditions. They prepared hen duo hen duo foods that are so delicious. I never forget our conversations to Yu Li Ping and her son Da Wei and our tourist guide Polaris, they are so cute and fun to be with. Our culture experience in ancient town Zhujiajiao is also memorable for me because we’ve seen many markets that is full of Chinese traditions and arts. We also have the chance to shop there and buy hen piaoliang remembrance as we go back to the Philippines.

How about the the song craze ‘tian mimi’ which becomes our favorite song when it was being sung by Liu Ting Ting laoshi. I can still remember my
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I’m gonna miss her so much.

Lastly, tai xiexie ye to the charming and hen shuai GAO laoshi who is kind enough to provide all our needs. To the fashionable and hen piaoliang SONG laoshi who is very approachable and willing to help also all the time. To my new favorite laoshimen QIU and LIU, they are so brilliant and good teachers and they managed to teach us many strategies in teaching Hanyu ke and some other things about Mandarin.

People come and go, but the memories stays. This venture in Shanghai is in truth worth keeping for. When I go back to my native land Philippines, I will bring home the warmth, love and happiness that Shanghai people gave to me. I have many stories to share to my co-teachers, family, friends and especially to my students that once in my life, I’ve met wonderful people who showed me the true beauty of culture, diversity, camaraderie and life has to offer. Chinese people are so generous enough to welcome us with their wonderful gestures and sweet

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