Importance Of Father Daughter Relationship

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The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of a father and daughter relationship. These relationships make a big impact on girls lives. They could be the difference of a girl being treated badly by men her whole life or her fearing men. These father daughter relationships not only shape how a man should be but it also helps the daughters love themselves more. Father daughter relationships help build up their daughter’s confidence and other aspects of her life. Father daughter relationships are valuable.
Father Daughter Relationships
The Effects of Father Daughter Bonding
“I am the mountain behind my daughter and I stand so firmly for her. But time will break down the stone eventually. I hope she will be a pine in front of the mountain,
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Fathers play a big role in their daughter’s self-esteem. Daughters must win their father’s love. Their mothers will always love them but they need to earn that affection from their fathers. Daughters who have a good relationship with their fathers are very confident in themselves. These girls gain this self-confidence from earning their father’s love. “If a girl has a good relationship with her father, it can be the most important and influential one of her life. If Dad says she’s intelligent, she is, if he thinks she’s great and fearless in sports, she is; if Dad says that there’s nothing you can’t accomplish, there isn’t. The praise and guidance girls receive from a strong, positive father stays with them for life” said Kirsten Houghton, an award winning and best-selling author, in the Huffington Post. Fathers will be their daughter’s biggest fans. Everyone says it’s their mom but their dad is the one who will be there till the end. Dads who compliment their daughters on things other than she looks will also help boost her confidence. Daughters learn self-esteem and self-confidence from their fathers. If they don’t have a relationship with their father how are they supposed to learn those …show more content…
“So, a woman’s early relationship with dad, who is usually the first male object of her love, shapes her conscious and unconscious perceptions of what she can expect and what is acceptable in a romantic partner”, stated Jennifer Kromberg, a relationship psychologist (N.P.). Girls usually marry someone who is like their father. Dads need to be that good example of how men should treat women. If daughters don’t have a relationship with their father’s, they will not learn this. Girls who don’t relate to their fathers and spend less time with them will be active in sexual behaviors. Jamie Lawson comments, “Girls deprived of closeness are likely to seek substitute male affection through interactions with male peers” (N.P.). Girls who don’t have that fatherly figure in their life or a good relationship will find boys to fill that space. Father and daughter relationships will also teach others how men should treat women. “Women will gravitate to what is familiar” (Lawson N.P.). Fathers and daughters need to have a good relationship so they are not sexual active before marriage. And the daughters need that relationship so that they will know how men should treat them. How you treat your daughter is how she will expect to be treated by her

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