Family Traditions

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I bet you’re wondering why I am writing you a letter. Well honestly, it’s because it is an assignment for class, but also because I feel that this is a great opportunity to let you know how much you’ve influenced my life today. I guess you can say that we have what is known as traditional home setting a mommy, a daddy, a (wonderful) daughter and a son. Growing up I can remember a lot of family traditions that were very important to you and you made sure that we continued those traditions. One of my favorite traditions was getting together on Thanksgiving. Although we have family get together on a regular basis, it’s just something about getting together on Thanksgiving. Everyone brought a dish to be judged, games were played and we had good music to listen to. This was absolutely one of my most favorite memories. Going to church on Sunday mornings is another tradition that I can remember. Going to church on Sundays was an absolute definite and it is something that we continue today. …show more content…
I am also very appreciative that you have given a religious background to follow. It is because of our religion that I have the morals and ethics that I have today, and I know that it will tie right in as an educator. I know how important education is for everyone and I can teach with a passion and genuinely give each student a chance to learn. I know that I will try until I can try no more to give every student an equal opportunity at learning. It’s because of you mom that I am so passionate about helping others and doing everything that I can to see that everyone strives. It is you that opened this door for me to become an educator and showed me why this is a very important position. I am very thankful for all that you have taught me in life and if I had to pick someone as a role model it would definitely be

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