Importance Of Family Life In Islam Essay

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A good and sound society can only grow if a man and woman are bound in a solid relationship through the sacred contract of marriage. Marriage develops love, care and co-operation between the husband and wife. It gives peace of mind and provides a secure atmosphere for the growth and progress of the whole human race. Without marriage, the human race would come to a standstill. Marriage was the practice of most of the prophets including Muhammad (peace be upon him).
Divorce is allowed but is regarded as the least desirable of all lawful acts. lslam encourages adjustment and happiness but when living together is impossible, Islamic law does not stand in the way of divorce.
Status of Women in Islam
Women have a very important place in Islamic society. Unlike a number of other religions, Islam holds a woman in high esteem. Her importance as a mother and a wife has been clearly stated by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).The Prophet said, "Paradise lies at the feet of your mothers."
Once a person asked the Prophet, "Who deserves the best care from me?" The Prophet replied, "Your mother (he repeated this three times), then your father and then your nearest relatives."
In his farewell speech at 'Arafat in the tenth year of the Hijrah, the Prophet said, "O people, your wives have certain rights over you and you have certain rights over them. Treat them well and be kind to them, for they are your partners and committed helpers."
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Therefore, monopoly and cut-throat competition are disapproved. Justice to all is Islam's essence and this enables man to lead a good and happy life while at the same time strengthening the bonds of human brotherhood as well as the social fabric. Social order in an Islamic state lays stress on simple and austere efforts that are free from ostentation. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was just -- he strove to bridge the gap between the rich and poor, the high and the low. He advocated a society in which there would not be any exploitation of one sector over another. What Islam aims at is a balanced life which represents the equilibrium of social forces.
Islam is far more than a system of theology. It stands for a distinctive civilization and a socio-political economic order based on practical considerations. It is through the application of Islamic principles that the development of man's potentialities can be achieved. Islamic principles descending are indeed perfect and absolute. The Islamic approach is just, natural, humane and also perfectly balanced and

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