Importance Of Failure In My Life

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Throughout my life, I have had many instances in which I failed at something or I had messed up extremely bad. I can remember when I was in Guam and fell down on slippery rocks to forgetting to submit an assignment. Furthermore, during and even after these experiences I had learned something each time and I continue to learn from my mistakes and failures to this day and I plan to continue to learn something new for a very long time. However, I am able to recall one occurrence where something severe had happened. It was when I had dislocated both of my hips.

During my Freshman year, I had been an active participant in the West Springfield High school crew team. I had been able to balance my work and time between my academic work and my extracurricular
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And at the end of the final game I was starting to walk off the court when my left leg gives out and I fall down. One of my good friends started to laugh while I was trying to get up, but my legs couldn 't support any of my weight. I asked him to help me up and move closer to the wall. I couldn 't feel anything wrong nor did I hear anything pop or tear. The PE teacher calls for a wheelchair and calls my dad to pick me up. I had to lift myself into the wheelchair and tell the nurse what had happened, but she didn 't know either. My dad pulls up to the school to see that I was in a wheelchair and rushed out of the car to see what had happened. My dad starts to talk to the people at school and then rushes over to me to help me get into the car. He jumps into the driver 's seat and say "We are going to the hospital now!" I don 't complain, but I can start to feel a little sensation in my legs when we started to move. It was not a good feeling. Every nook and cranny in the road was excruciating pain and I was starting to cry due to the pain. My dad takes me to Kaiser 's emergency hospital nut they say that they can 't do anything for me there. So my dad takes me to another hospital and I can 't bear the pain of being on the road again and the pain begins to become unbearable. We get to the hospital and my mom is there to meet us. They take me in and place me on

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