Importance Of Facebook Marketing Strategy

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As a marketer, you have probably taken time to study who your target market is, their demographics, and even their behavior on Facebook. You even take time to publish good posts with high quality images. Unfortunately, your target audience does not engage with your content. What are some of the strategies that you can include in Facebook Content Marketing to increase engagement?
1Mysterious Headlines
This is ideal for getting your audience to click on links. If your posts are mysterious, it’s very hard for your target audience not to click on them. A smart Facebook Marketing strategy is ensuring that your headlines are not too broad or too specific. Just let them be mysterious.
2Product Preferences
This is a very effective aspect of any Facebook
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For instance, you can post a cassette and a pen and ask people to comment if they know what to do with them. Better still, you can test other call to action functions, for instance: contact us, play game, sign up, book now, use app, shop now and watch video. This Facebook Marketing strategy uses functions that help people to take direct action from your Facebook page. For instance, you could add a ‘sign up’ button next to the ‘message’ option on your Facebook page. You need to add a button to your page which takes people directly to your site or even …show more content…
There are 2 types of ads: sponsored ads and ads on your Facebook page. Sponsored ads will be shown to a targeted demographic, for instance females between 20 and 30. This ads are effective in drawing new traffic to your Facebook store. They appear on the sidebar of personal Facebook pages. The ads that you post on your Facebook store (sponsored ads) target existing customers. Your marketing strategy should show how you can incorporate both types of ads so as to engage your audience.
Here are some tips for sponsored ads:
Include graphics – company logo, product’s thumbnail, or event photo.
Destination URL – add the address of your Facebook store. You can also use external links, for instance a ticket counter site for an upcoming event.
Demographic data – put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes.
Budget – you can pay per click or pay per impression
Tips for promoted posts:
These types tend to have a wider potential. Here are some tips for successful promoted posts:
Images – for instance event photos where you are clad in apparel related to the brand. It could even be a

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