Importance Of Equal Rights In Education Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The border, made by craftswomen in At Bashy, represents their contribution to the ongoing fight for equality.

Article 10: Equal Rights in Education
Governments will act to eliminate discrimination against women in education. This includes giving women and men equal access to education and vocational guidance; the same curricula, examinations, standards for teaching and equipment; and equal access to scholarships and grants.

Young women (Bishkek) The group of young women who made this piece wanted to explore the discriminatory expectations found in family structures that favour different roles for boys and girls. Looking at the impact of inherited gender roles, they show the very different paths that a boy and girl’s lives are expected to take. While the boy’s road may include travel, an exciting career, money, a car and a home with an open door, the girls path may include forced marriage or bride kidnapping, doing housework, looking after children and having the door of her home firmly
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Women will have equal access to family benefits, loans and credit, and an equal right to participate in recreational activities, sports and cultural life.

Women and Sport (Bishkek) This panel was made by a group of teenage women who took part in an international football competition.1 The piece looks at the lack of social acceptance for women and girls playing sport, and the negative consequences of this on women’s health. A young woman remembers how older members of her community disapproved or tried to prevent her from participating in sports because of her gender. The results of this lack of activity are clear – ill health and sickness. But the young woman finds a way to exercise and be healthy and eventually becomes a champion.

In 2008 UNIFEM supported participation of orphan girls in the world football cup ‘Red Card to Homelessness’, Melbourne, Australia. This was a part of the project on social rehabilitation of orphans of the NGO Development and Cooperation in Central Asia (DCCA).

Article 14: Rural

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