The Zong Case Study

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Throughout this essay I am going to explore and discuss the UK civil rights Movement starting with the Abolitionist Movement and how it impacted social reform, later moving on to the topics war and mass migration concluding with key figures involved in the civil right Movements during 19th century.

More often than not the Civil Rights Movement is associated with the fight for social equality in the USA. The deprivation and ill treatment of black people in America holds long history of abuse dating back centuries ago and little attention is paid to the UK which had its own way of discriminating, although, not to the same degree as what was going on in America. The Zong case study (Walvin, 2011) was a legal case in London 1781 in which Liverpool owners of the ship – the Zong sued the ship’s underwriters for the value of 132 Africans lost on voyage from Africa to Jamaica but the insurers refused to pay (Gregson v Gilbert, 1783). They argued the slaves had been thrown overboard when (they claimed this was due to poor navigation) the ship had sailed past its destination running short of water (BBC, 2007) and so to save the healthy, the sick (or those they declared to be sick) were killed. The case sparked the need for the abolition of slavery as it highlighted the ill treatment of slaves.
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Despite the efforts of all those who participated much of the freedom although inscribed in law had little impact on society and more changes had to be made to continuously reinforce the rights of the ethnic minority. These Movements reflected those which took place in

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