Sacombank Haong Branch Case Study

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+ Sacombank Halong branch was located in Le Thanh Tong Street which is nearly centre of the city. This position can attract people attention while going around.
+ This branch ground is also outstanding due to its logo blue color. This detail makes an important highlight when customer steps in the doors.
+ Additionally, almost Sacombank Halong branch clients are quite young and pleasant, so that customers will feel comfortably while exchanging information and receiving services. Moreover, they were trained to do banking specialist skill for serving their “God”.
b. Weakness:
+ However, this branch has presented the problem: When they had foreigner customers, their staff seemed tobe a little bit confused due to language barrier. This may lead
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c. Opportunities: Sacombank Halong branch may has advantages because it moderately upturns after a long time existence.
+ Internet banking system is being built more and more convenient
+ Bank clients are becoming closed to their jobs so that they can create enthusiasm for devoting to work.
7. Recommendations for improvement
There are several solution for Sacombank Halong branch in order to improve both inside and outside fields.
First of all, they should advance the capital mobilization activities to serve customers’ widening borrow need.
Distribute detailed plan with specified activities and strict supervision for each bank clients
- Deploy all promotion campaign of the Head Department along with characteristic ones of domestic branch
- Do marketing product of Sacombank brand.
- Maintain the relationship between the branch and authorities in order to create an effective promoting plan
- Widen the corporate customer base on favourable products
Secondly, this branch also has to improve loan arrangement
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- Focus on wiping out bad debts.
Thirdly, services for customers could be upgraded too:
- With old customers: bank clients can build up the stronger advising services
- With newbies: suggest they should use at least three products to strengthen Sacombank network.
- Sacombank Halong branch
- To enlarge the scale of Sacombank in Halong market, they can focus on retailing services through modern products like: Internet banking, Mobile banking base on the development of internet to attract customers with not only low fee but also the convenience.
- Sacombank should also researchs the domestic market and boost the payment between exporting companies and Chinese corporations - the nearest neighbor of Quangninh province, so that they can create benefit from foreign exchange.
Moreover, to enhance intrinsic value of brand, Sacombank branch managers can make a turning point by applying solutions:
- Widen specified knowledge, serving - managing for all bank staffs.
- Use human resources tools to evaluate the quality of staffs ( for instance: KPIs).
- Cooperate with Head Department to train employees

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