Importance Of Effective Management Essay

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Management is the act of dealing with or controlling things or people. A manager presents the skills of leadership, communication, collaboration; critical thinking and being able to handle finance.

According to Fredmunk Malik; it is the transformation of resources into utility.

In my personal life, I apply managerial function in my daily activities. Planning has helped me in deciding on what to do in advance and working towards achieving it. Organizing what has to be done in the home and who does it. Directing every individual on how it is to be done and supervising it. It has also helped me in training and counseling my family members and also using appraisals when necessary.
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Planning is series of steps taken to attain a specific goal.
Planning is the most important function in management of an organization. Unplanned events often lead to chaos and disorders. PERSONAL CONTEXT
I do a lot of planning before undertaking any event so that I know what to expect. Example at the beginning of every year. I plan out on paper what I need to achieve, how to do it and when to do it. When planning is done before undertaking any project one has an idea of what to expect. SOCIAL CONTEXT
Planning helps an organization to picture the results an organization wants to attain and build up ways to get to the intention success, whether financial terms or being regards as the highest in customer satisfaction. CURRENT RESEARCH
Planning is an essential tool in management. It builds direction and working towards achieving objectives.

In my place of work, at the start of every shift, your plan on the works to be done in respect to attending to the patient and meeting
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Recruitment involves searching and getting a number of future employees with required knowledge, skills and experience for an organization to select the most appropriate for the job.
According to Kempner “Recruitment forms the first stage in the process which continues with selection and ceases with the placement of the candidates. PERSONAL CONTEXT
Recruitment is used in business as well as in domestic activities. I use it in times when employing a house help, I involve organization that recruit domestic workers. I apply selection process to employ the individual that best suites the position. SOCIAL CONTEXT
Recruitment involves widest pool of employees which gives the organization the opportunity to select the best of all, for the task in the organization. CURRENT RESEARCH
Recruitment is most sensitive human resource process. It gives excellent opportunity for internal promotions and talent identification.

In my place of work, it is used when a staff in promoted or demoted. Employees are recruited to fill the position. In this case, the employee with the most appropriate skill is selected to occupy the

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