Tanfield Group Case Study

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Tanfield Group
Tanfield Group
Tanfield group own 49% of Snorkel whereas Xtreem manufacturing own 51%. Tanfield group hold 5.76% interest in the shares of Smiths Electric vehicle corp. The share price was 18.13 GBX. The share price has decreased by 0.88 GBX that is a 4.61% loss. The companies that work alongside the tanfield group are: Snorkel, TX4E and Smith Electric vehicles. Tanfield group is a plc company (public limited company) this means they sell shares on the stock market.
What do tanfield group do?
Tanfield group own 49% of Snorkel, snorkel are a company that make electric lifts. These lifts are used by construction workers to be able to fix thing on walls high up. The maximum height is 40 meters.
Tanfield group is currently working
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A common reason for vacancies to arise is that a role in the business is no longer needed. Could the role/function be carried out by redistributing duties to other staff? Another reason is that the role can be done by other staff as well as their work at the minutes. This saves money as you have to employ less staff. They may not need this role to function as a business and cutting an employee will help with any cost issues.
Recruitment process
Firstly you need to identify any vacancies within the company. Then you make a description of the available position in the business. Next you develop a recruitment plan. After that you make a search committee. Now you advertise the position. Then you review the candidates. Then you conduct interviews. Finally you select a candidate and finalize the hire. It is important to select the right staff so you don’t need to help them do their job and they can do it as quickly as possible so you can give them, more works. It is important as you need to pick a member candidate that will bring something to the business e.g. new ideas on how to make aa process faster.

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