Analysis Of The Drum Major Instinct By Dr. Martin Luther King

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Are We There Yet?
On February 4th 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave an intriguing speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta Georgia, called “The Drum Major Instinct.” Within his speech, King talked about how humanity is called to harvest their drum major instincts. When harnessed correctly, a drum major instinct should be used for unselfish reasons as Jesus did (7-8). Incorrectly harvested it could become dangerous and unpredictable (4). Humanity today rarely correctly harvest their drum major instinct. Some people in our generation are selfish and inconsiderate to the people around us. I feel that we need to bring back the old ways of selflessness and purity. God is wise in many more ways than we can ever know; I believe that the only
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I can say this with utter certainty, knowing that my pastor, Fr. Gary, has given multiple sermons about it. Take it from my perspective. I was taught at a very young age to respect life and, that all life was beautiful. When I found out what abortion was, I would say I was horrified. When Hillary Clinton said that she fully supported abortion and that if she was elected as president she would push to make abortion cheap and available to everyone. Imagine what it would be like if you were a Roman Catholic like my-self when you heard this news, wouldn’t you be horrified as well? Abortion is murder, that is all there is to it. The last time I checked, murder was illegal, so why should abortion be legal. Everyone has a right to freedom, African Americans, Muslims, whiles, Mexicans, Chinese, Asian, etc. all have rights, why shouldn’t their children, even the unborn, have them? Some people say that the parents of the child may not be ready mentally or financially to have a child. I say, so what? Put the child up for adoption. Do you know how many people on this heavenly earth are not able to have children? They would love to love your child. I could further my arguments but I believe that I would seem redundant. In short, God loves everyone equally from a natural beginning to a natural

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