Importance Of Cultural Environment

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A cultural environment refers to a specific group of beliefs common to all people who live in a particular location. These beliefs are usually accompanied by a specific code of conduct, set of practices and customs which are adhered to and valued by all the members of that society. The cultural environment always shapes the development of the individuals in that society and also influences the personality traits of people in that community as well as their ideologies. The Cultural environment of a group of people is shaped by the total effect of the different aspects of culture that determine the behaviors and personal choices of the people (Khabutdinova & Bayanova, 2013). In general, cultural environment is found and seen in the particular group of people and at a specific region or geographical location.
Importance of Cultural Environment in Marketing
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Marketing refers to the process of creating, communicating, distributing as well as exchanging goods and services that have value to the society using a particular set of instructions and procedures. The concept of marketing involves varying efforts integrated by business firms for the purpose of satisfying the needs and wants of consumers. In this process, a value is created in the minds of the consumers hence a profitable relationship between the buyers and sellers results ((De Mooij,

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