Importance Of Control In An Organization

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Introduction to the Topic

The functions of management, planning, controlling, and organizing play a pivotal role in an organization 's success. Within each one of these functions lie necessary steps to ensure a positive outcome for all involved. The critical aspect of focus on these three functions will permit a manager to picture an end-line result and filter out anything that would keep from achieving this course of action. Through motivation and empowerment a leader makes the future a reality, while fostering ownership and organizational commitment. This paper will serve to explain how goal setting, control systems and corporate structures all play a vital role in the success of organizations.

Group Consensus


An essential for
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After careful selection of goals, motivating a team to stay focused on effectively and efficiently implementing strategies provides a leading reason to have a system such as Management by Objectives in place to drive results. Control systems are important due to the fact that "individuals are sometimes unable or unwilling to act in the organization’s best interest, and a set of controls must be implemented to guard against undesirable behavior and encourage desirable actions" (Merchant, 1982, p. 43). An organization cannot be successful if proper control systems and tools are not in …show more content…
Each individual must hold one another accountable as to benefit the good of the group as a whole. Agnihotri & Krush (2015, pp166-166) argue, “[Employees] with a high level of trust in a supervisor will have a greater feeling of responsibility for moral wellbeing. Further, managerial trust may also yield greater compliance within the [employee].” This is supportive of the idea that employees with higher levels of empowerment work more diligently toward the common goal. Ensuring that one’s followers are heading in the same direction as leadership and the organizational mission is the precise function of control

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