Importance Of Continuing Academic Success

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Continuing Academic Success

Academic success can be measured by people in many different ways, however you define or quantify success you still have to apply yourself to achieve it. Even though some people believe they can cut corners and still achieve academic success, there are many very important keys to achieving true academic success, ignoring even one key can weaken a student and result in failure and focusing on all of these things will lead you on a journey to becoming a master student. In life there will be many things that can either make you stronger or break your determination leaving you empty handed. In order to be an exemplary student and achieve academic success you must hone your skills and
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Just as there are a number of different languages in the world likewise there are a number of different learning styles. People learn best in these simple but different functions; feeling, watching, doing, and thinking. Just as it would be pointless to talk to someone of a French tongue in English it is in my opinion equally as ineffective to learn in a manner your specific brain does not completely comprehend. According to Ethics Game Ethical Lens Inventory (2016) My blind spot ethics lens was being satisfied with to little good, knowing what type of ethical lens you possess is important for many reasons manly being to be aware of the way you process things and also to improve. Many people have the wrong idea as to which learning style is actually best for them. I thought my learning style was doing, however after doing some exercises I see that I am a watcher, understand the language your mind best understands is the most efficient way to understand and learn without becoming discouraged and giving

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