Importance Of Content Literacy

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Literacy is an important skill that our students must have in education today. After reading Education Reform articles that define content and process knowledge and some background knowledge of my own; I understand that content knowledge and process knowledge are different. Content knowledge is prior knowledge that a reader has before reading on a topic. For example, when introduce the story The Hungry Caterpillar to my students, I would ask what do they know about butterflies and caterpillar. The information that they tell me such as a butterfly flies, a caterpillar turns to a butterfly, or how they look is their content knowledge of this story.
On the other hand, process knowledge is how the reader perceives the text or information they are
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This makes it an essential reason for differentiation to take place in our classrooms today. In the chapter, of Literacy Matters pg 20, we get some information that will help us understand why differentiation is an important aspect of content literacy and learning. The literacy requirements of our students are requiring higher order thinking. We need to find a teaching method that will engage our students. We know that students have different learning styles and we need to incorporate that in our learning activities. We must use visuals, auditoria activities, and interactive learning to help them reach their highest capability of …show more content…
Disciplinary Literacy relates to how you synthesize information you come across.
Although they are different, they relate to each other. They both require the reader to use their prior knowledge to help them get an understanding of what is being read or understand what the author is trying to say. After reading a article Teaching Content Area Literacy and Disciplinary Literacy, I get the understanding that content literacy is the information that you gain from reading the text or the facts from the text and disciplinary literacy is when you give a deeper thought to what you have read and use the facts to help to analyze that information.

With incorporating new literacy into the classroom, the roles of the teacher change. As I stated previously, this is new for some teachers and requires them to move from a traditional way of teaching that they were “use to” . Although some may question, why this new change needs to take place, we must remember that this change is not only taking place in our schools but our world has well. We will need to practice more and continue our learning skills as well. We can not teach our students efficiently in this new way if we do not know how to incorporate in our lessons and activities. Sometimes in order to be an effective teacher was must be able to be taught as

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