Importance Of Conflicts In The Workplace

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Conflict is and always will be a normal issue and a natural occurrence. Conflict can arise from many different things, for example; culture, poor communication, being competitive with one another, having different ethics or morals or simply just having a different personality. It is when conflict in the workplace begins to be destructive that it becomes an issue. Conflicts can range from a simple disagreement to becoming an act of violence. At this point, managers must make a plan to implement conflict management techniques and resolution skills. Conflicts in the workplace could affect individuals psychologically, behaviorally and physiologically.
It is important to first understand where conflicts arise. Conflicts can arise from things such
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The general fundamentals of conflict management are the same, no matter how old you are. You should get help when it is needed. If there is an issue that needs to be addressed and you are unable to compromise, then ask for help from someone that is opinionated. It is okay to compromise. Each of you may have to give something up in order to resolve the issue at hand. Sometimes you may need to avoid a situation altogether. If there is a conflict that is unimportant then you may not even want to deal with it, but if there is a real situation it could end up causing an even bigger problem. Don’t just ignore a real issue and expect it to go away altogether, but sometimes it is good to ignore a situation briefly if you feel yourself getting upset. This will help you avoid saying something that you don’t really mean or reacting in anger or fear. Adults and children alike need to sometimes just sit down and talk it out. One on one discussion can diffuse conflicts very well sometimes as long as the conflicts are not violent. While talking it out you may need to negotiate how you are going to work the conflict out. Taking turns and sharing may seem like elementary ideas, but each person can let the other have their way for a little while and they can agree to share in order to resolve the conflict sometimes too. If the conflict isn’t something too serious you can even do something as light-hearted as playing games of chance. Humor is also a way to lighten the mood and break the ice during a conflict. It makes work more fun and helps to break up the tension and stress from the conflict occurring. (Hagemann, Stroope,

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